Reaching Gamers The Right Way

Talmont has Solutions Across the Entire Gaming Learning Curve

Gaming Advertising Learning Curve

In-Game Advertising

Just getting started in gaming? Or do you want an easy way to reach the gaming audience using media metrics you are familiar with? Execute a media campaign with in-game billboards.

  • Talmont has inventory in 170+ Roblox games!
  • Between Roblox and Minecraft, we can reach more than 100 million unique gamers!
  • We can do video ads in Roblox!
In Game Billboards

3D Characters

3D Characters in Roblox

Creating your own 3D character takes advantage of the exploratory nature of gaming and allows a dialog with the user. Use cases include:

  • Interactive brand discussions
  • Polling of users
  • Gating of rewards / items

Build Your Own Experience

The deepest brand interactions are developed through creating your own digital experiences in Roblox, Minecraft, and other digital environments. Some things to consider:

  • Do you want a permanent or temporary experience? Permanent experiences require constant content refreshes to keep games interested.
  • Do you work with partners? Brand collaborations can reduce cost and increase creativity.
  • Do you create digital events that correspond to live performances? It's a great way to create buzz, but increases complexity
Creating Roblox Experiences

Driving Users via Portals and Influencers

Driving Roblox users through portals from other games

It takes a lot of time and effort to create an experience in Roblox or Minecraft. All too often, brands forget that you probably need to budget 50% or more of your overall spend on marketing your experience to users! We can help by:

  • Placing portals in other Roblox games that lead to your experience.
  • Use our network of influencers to promote your experience.
  • Create ads in the right games to drive awareness and traffic.

Verch Can Create a Profit Center!

Verch (virtual merchandise) refers to items that are typically purchased for a user's avatar in Roblox or Minecraft. For Roblox, items can be sold that work on a user's avatar in any Roblox game.

Verch has led some brands to turn their Roblox marketing experience into an actual profit center!

Our favorite anecdote is a Swedish star by the name of Zara Larsson who has surpassed $1 million in virtual merchandise profits!

verch can create a profit center in roblox